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Discussion in 'Spirit Travel Tribe' started by Del, Aug 5, 2017.

  1. Del

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    Just to get this thread started, I thought it would be fun to start putting together a list of materials where people are talking about spirit travel.

    With that thought in mind, the first person that comes to mind is Ian Clayton. I think he's one of the first Christian forerunners in this department. He has a couple of REALLY good books that will blow your mind but... they are totally awesome!
    I know there are other books out there so as you become a registered member of this site, feel free to add your favorites in a new thread below. And, tell us why you like them.
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  2. Jean Wiley

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    Also, "Translation by Faith" by Bruce Allen and Michael Van Vlymen :skype-cool: 
  3. Sue Beckman

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  4. Rhoda Collins

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    Traveling in the Spirit Made Simple By Praying Medic
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  5. Rhoda Collins

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  6. The Kings

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    The Beginner's Guide to Traveling in the Spirit by Michael C King (myself) is another option. Available at

    This book is geared toward anyone who is new to the subject, has a lot of questions, wants to know where it is in the Bible, or a myriad of other related things. Non-"new" people can still benefit from it, but it starts from the ground up, assuming the reader is not overly familiar with it, and getting into deeper things such as the Courts later in the book.
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  9. Rhoda Collins

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  10. A friend took his book to church with her and the pastor told her to not read it. She found a new church.

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