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    Please reply with any resources you've found helpful in the realm of inner healing! Please note what you found helpful about it, or why you thing others would find it beneficial.
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    A Guide to Freedom is my first book. It contains information and strategies on inner healing perfect for beginners and healers and all in between. It is part workbook and my advice is to start with one or two things and then add others as you like. It covers lies, forgiveness, taking thoughts captive, and other foundational principles for healing.

    Emotional Healing in 3 Easy Steps is by Praying Medic and is exactly what it says. It is very easy to read, and the application is simple. Many emotional wounds can be healed by this process.

    Accessing Your Spiritual Inheritance is co-written by Seneca, Del, and I and in it we teach you a method of going back and gathering up the inheritances left behind or blocked. So often in generational work, we focus on the negative - all the bad stuff our ancestors did that makes our lives harder than they need to be. But there are also blessings that God wanted to bestow upon them and our bloodlines so that we can operate in the fullness of our identities. This is one way to go and get those!

    Identity is a fictional/allegorical account of my journey of learning to see in the spirit by gaining my identity as a daughter. It may be helpful for you to see that all of this is a process, and that you will get there if you keep moving forward.

    Broken to Whole is a great book for anyone who suspects that they may be fragmented. It is a more advanced concept, but the book is written to be understood and applicable for everyone. If you are completely new to inner healing, I don't think I would start with this one, though.
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    The Artist's Way
    "A Spiritual Path to Higher Creativity"
    By: Julia Cameron
    Similar to Alcoholics Anonymous 12 Step Program but for artists! Not written solely for Christians thus she states you can refer to God/High Power in whichever way you feel most comfortable the point being that God is real. Never-the-less this book produced for me dramatic healing based on spiritual principles. I love the way she explains that God is an artist! Thus he supports and moves through art! Which I believe lines up with this group well. I'm working through this book again and purchased it a second time because I write all over it until it's full. There's a set timeline progression in the book but can be done at your own pace. This book uses actionable steps and positive habit building to include media fasting which was the step that poured out the beginnings of my first book. I could actually immediately feel the growth, healing and breakthroughs while going through this book.
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    Mine is well written in too. :happy: 
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