Sons of Thunder Prophecy from 1990


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The Mountain Bench spent some time going over this prophecy given by James Ryle from 1990. Here is a link to the full prophecy:

Since there are a lot of people in NW Ekklesia that work with sound and frequency, especially musicians, I find this very relevant for today. Yes, it was given in 1990 but... sometimes, it simply takes time for things to happen. Is this a "now" season for this prophecy?

A synopsis of the prophecy:
  • The first dream was about a flatbed trailer that looked like a stage. There were two guitars with stands and mics. The guitars were electric blue (in color). Two guys come out with sheet music that represents a new sound - a sound that's coming to musicians in the future. (As a side note... electric blue, when put in Hz is the note E-flat or D-sharp.)
  • The second dream took place in a church where there was a back storage room with an amp that belonged to the Beatles. The "sound" they created that drew millions of people was in this amp, now in the storage room of this church. James stands behind the pulpit holding the amp and then a woman comes up to sing a song. The Lord later explains to James, "there was going to be a new and distinctive anointing and sound restored to music that will turn the heads and capture the hearts of men for Jesus Christ... Simply singing the truth in the name of Jesus Christ, "We say unto you be saved," will release the power of His Spirit in such an awesome display that men and women will collapse in their seats and be converted to Christ."
  • In the third dream, James was back in the same church where a lone man is sitting at the piano and singing his heart out to the Lord. It was pure worship and when James shows the man a Polaroid picture of him playing where he looks like light, the man gets embarrassed. James says about this... "He looked at the pictures only for a second, and putting his hands in his pockets, he shrugged his shoulders and started kicking on the ground shyly saying, Oh, gosh I didn't know you were here, I'm so embarrassed. As he was going on like this I just looked at him and asked, What are you doing? You don't have to apologize for this - this is the anointing of the Lord."
The remainder of the prophecy goes into an interpretation of the dreams; how there is to be no more false humility, and how our "sacred cows" have kept people from seeing the one true God because we have let religion get in the way (my wording here).

Very interesting... :wideyed: I do say that a new sound is actually upon us. What that looks likes and sounds like will probably not be anything like we expect. So, expect the unexpected.