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    What are the courts of heaven? How are they like the court systems we are familiar with? One thing that I can say (from experience) is that reading about them is not the same as participating in them. If you'd like an introduction, here's an awesome video by Mike Parsons where he walks you through what he calls "The Court of Accusation." Ian Clayton calls it "The Mobile Court." Links to both of those teachings on the courts are below:
    • Ian Clayton - "Kingdom Government" This is the third in the series where he talks about the mobile court (court of accusations).
    • Mike Parsons - Deep Calls to Deep Conference (2015) Kingdom Courts In this teaching, Mike introduces the "court of accusation" which is the first court we (as sons) must learn to operate in. It's only as we mature through relationship with YHVH that we go into the other courts.
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    Praying Medic has a quick introductory book titled "Defeating Your Adversary in the Court of Heaven." If you want a quick introduction to the courts, this is a good primer!

    There are other more in-depth books out there but at this time, the materials by Ian Clayton, Mike Parsons, and Grant and Samantha Mahoney speak from experience - using the courts as part of sonship through a deeper level of intimacy with YHVH. As you look for books on this subject, it's important that intimacy with our heavenly Father is the main focus - taking care of the things in our own lives before we become concerned about the issues in the lives (and situations) of those around us.
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    People keep asking this question so I'll try to answer... "Can you go to the courts on behalf of others?" When I asked this question, the answer has always been "Take care of yourself first." Or, "As you mature, more authority will be given to you." The final response is the most obvious... "If you take someone to court, make sure they are either there with you or are in agreement with what you're doing." I had a guy once send me a Facebook message where the conversation went something like this...

    "Hi Del... I was praying and Holy Spirit said to me, 'Del has a physical issue with ____.'"
    He then messaged me asking me if this was the case.
    My answer confirmed what he'd heard.
    I responded to his chat message, "Yes, that's something I've been asking for healing."
    He immediately replied, "I'll take that to court for you!"

    Time out here! :nailbiting:  :muted: 

    Why would he take something to court for me that I should be taking to court myself? I don't need anyone else to take a situation in my life to court for me. I should be mature enough to do it myself. And, having someone else do it without my approval is not following proper protocol. I write about this in a chapter of my book, "Accessing the Kingdom Realms." I know people are excited about new things involving operating out of the Kingdom Realms but until you know what you're using, it's wise to get some understanding and knowledge on following protocol. Everything in heaven is mirrored on earth. So, look at our court systems we have here and ask yourself this question... "Would a judge make a ruling in favor of someone not in court?" I hope that answer to that question is obvious. We can speak blessings over people but to present a case on their behalf? I'm not sure I'd touch that unless that person was standing there with me.

    How did my story end? Well, I messaged the guy back thanking him for thinking of me and politely said I'd take it to court myself. I honored him for hearing from God but then took the responsibility upon myself to deal with it. I understood his hearing from God to help motivate me to do something. In reality, he had a prophetic word for me and felt that since he received it, he should deal with it. More often than not, it's not the job of the person giving a prophesy to help you work through stuff. That's a whole different can of worms that should have a book written on it. With that thought in mind, getting a prophetic word is supposed to be a confirmation of what God has already shown you. When it's something new, put it on a shelf and see if other confirmations come along. If they don't, it stays on the shelf.

    The struggles in life are real. As we mature, we should have a better understanding in how to handle those struggles. If we don't, we go around the mulberry bush a few times until we get sick of it. When we keep going around that proverbial bush, that's a clue right there that something is amiss where a trip to the mobile court (AKA... court of accusations) might shed some light on the true issue. However, if you see people go around this bush a bunch of times, it's not your job to go to court for them. Everyone at some point in their lives must put on their big girl (or boy) pants and learn to work through their own struggles. Assistance? Of course! Take someone who knows what they're doing if you need help. If you're a newbie at this? Start with yourself first, see what Papa has to say and teach you, THEN, take others as you learn and mature if the need arises. This is what it means to take care of your own things first. Get some foundation by practicing on yourself first. Do... then show.
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