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This thread is all about how to do everything in the forum.

In order to comment in the public sections of the forum, you'll need an account. In the upper right hand corner of the forum, you'll find the place to do that. It's simple and easy :)

If you wish to access any of the forums that have the words "private," you'll need to upgrade your membership. CLICK HERE to enroll in the session(s) of your choice.

Each "tribe" is a kingdom minded community offering a variety of resources for you. You can join as many tribes and classes as you'd like and have the budget for.

Basic instructions: :woot:
  • Sign up for an account by clicking on the blue box below the banner that says "sign up now!" It's a simple FREE process to become a registered user of Kingdom Tribes.
  • Everything in the "Tribal Discussions" will be accessible once you sign up as a registered user.
  • Choose the tribe(s) you'd like to be a part of. Then, click on "account upgrades" to have access to content in that forum.
  • As classes become available, you will see those in the account upgrades.
  • "Registered users" are allowed to comment, send messages, and post your own threads in "Tribal Discussions."
Forum Terminology :D
  • A "forum" includes general categories where discussions take place. Anyone with the proper account upgrade can see everything in that particular forum.
  • "Threads" are discussions within a forum.
  • For example, "Tribal Discussions" is an overall category. "How to use this forum" is an actual forum. "Welcome to Kingdom Tribes!" is a thread within a forum.
  • "Conversations" are between specified people. They can be started by hovering/clicking on the word "inbox" next to your name in the upper right hand corner. It's like sending an e-mail within the forum system. But, only those people you send the message to will be able to see the conversation. You must be a registered user to send conversations to other members of the forum.
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How to start a conversation (between you and specified people)
  • In the upper right hand corner of the site, you'll see your name followed by "inbox" and "alerts"
  • You can "hover" above the word "inbox" or click on it. You choose...
  • If you hover over the word "inbox," a drop down box will appear and your most recent conversations that involve you will show up. At the bottom of that box are the words "start a new conversation."
  • If you click on the word "inbox," all of your conversations will appear on the left side in list format. At the bottom of the first page on the right, you'll see the words "start a new conversation."
  • Click on "start a new conversation."
Participants: :woot:
  • In the blank box titled "participants," you can start typing the name of the person you wish to send a message to. Their name will appear below that box with their picture. If there are several choices close to that name, you'll see several pictures. Click on the picture/name you want. That persons name will appear in the participant box followed by a comma.
  • If you wish to include more than one person in the conversation, repeat the process by typing in another name. Place your cursor AFTER the comma to start the next name.
  • Once you have the desired recipients in the participant box, go next to the title.
Title: :D
  • Give the convo a name that's relevant to the specific conversation.
Body of message: :rolleyes:
  • Put your cursor in the body of the message. It will be below the blue menu box (much like a Word document).
  • Type message here just like any document. You can bold, italicize, underline, include links, etc.
  • If you want to change colors, you'll see the letter "A" with a line UNDER it. That's for text color. Click on it and select your preferred color.
  • If you want to add smiley faces :), click on the smiley that's next to what looks like a picture on the menu bar. A group of faces will show at the bottom of your message. Put your cursor where you want the smiley (in your message) and click on the smiley.
  • You may also number and bullet items (in the menu box to the left of the smiley). This is great for making lists.
  • When you're done with the message, you're ready to start the conversation.
Posting Convo :cool:
  • Below the body, you'll see the words "start a conversation."
  • Also, you may click on "allow anyone in this conversation to invite others." That's always good to click because at some point, you may want others to be a part of your convo.
  • However... NEVER click on "lock conversation." By doing this, no one can respond. :(
  • Once you've made all your choices, click "start a conversation." It will tell you that the conversation has been started and should appear on the screen just like a regular convo.
That's all folks! :D
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How to start a thread within a forum:
  • Click on desired forum (I.E. Spirit Travel Tribe, Courts of Heaven Tribe, etc.)
  • In the upper right hand corner just below your name, the inbox, and alerts... you'll see the words in a blue box "post new thread." Click on that blue box and a message box will open up.
  • Give the thread a relevant title so people know what they're getting.
  • Follow the instructions from above (creating a conversation) for typing in your message.
  • At the bottom of the message box, you'll see some choices about watching and receiving notifications about your thread. Responses will show up in the alerts (next to your name and inbox). You can also choose to receive an e-mail. It's up to you!
  • Once you're done, there's another blue box titled "create thread" at the bottom of the message box. Click that and your thread will be posted.
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There's what's called a "two-step" verification process. It's a major pain so if you're not wanting to go through this every time you log in, here's how to get rid of it! If it pops up and asks you to go through this process, here's how to disable it.

ONLY do this IF after you log on at some point and it asks you to go through the two-step verification.
  • Hover over your name
  • A drop down menu will appear
  • Look for the words "two-step verification" and click on it
  • Disable the two-step verification if you don't want to be sent an e-mail asking to verify your membership every time you get on the forum.
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